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urban photography

Posted on 2009.03.18 at 21:53
saw the wind
rippling through
a puddle on the ground
as a grey sky
reflected off it

saw a pigeon
pecking at a piece of plastic
but each time it tried
it still wasn't food

saw a middle aged woman
pressing the buzzer
at the front door
of an apartment
for five minutes
either they weren't home
or she wasn't welcome

saw a young man
at a bar
wearing metal-clad boots
and a baseball cap
with paint on his hands
tapping his foot nervously
as he drank
a glass
of wine

saw a middle aged man, an older woman, and an even older man
sipping their beers slowly
staring into a distance
before finally realizing
that i was among them

saw three boys
no older than six
walking with staggers
one flipped up his hood
like he meant it

saw a young girl
wearing a miniskirt
and make-up
knee-high boots
and a head-scarf

saw an old old man
shuffling exhaustively

saw a city tram
pull up
and all seven people aboard
saw me
i averted my eyes

saw the menu
and the chili

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