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the actor

Posted on 2009.03.02 at 20:16
the actor stood upon the stage
the crowd descended into silence
they came here to see tragedy
they came here to see violence

he took a single sip of water
as he began to speak a word
but all his lines tasted like lies
they tasted trivial and absurd

and so he didn't say a thing
whispers were sprinkled through the air
that swelled until they became chatter
but the actor didn't care

he said,

"we only ever saw one side of the moon,
the other side had always been a mystery
until our satellites mapped it out
and showed us what we couldn't see."

the actor then took out a match
and set the stage curtain on fire
he was tired of the pantomime
he was bored with being a liar

and as a thick smoke filled the air
a panic struck the crowd
and as the stage around him burned
the actor took a bow

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