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the soft collision

Posted on 2009.02.26 at 15:18
i stroll through my reckless visions
like wading through a muddy river
i'm just waiting for a soft collision
in the meantime i shiver

she told me to crash
i told her i had
she told me forever
i'd assumed never

i'm dancing around my indecisions
like waiting for the world to end
like a paid vacation in prison
the cell's not locked but you like to pretend

she told me to whisper
so i kissed her
she told me death
so i held my breath

i'm breaking down the integers
disassembling the clock to see how it ticks
though i'm laughing through my second winter
i think i finally see the trick

she told me boom
so i asked whom
she said me
then we both drifted out to sea

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