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two on the docks

Posted on 2009.04.15 at 21:38
i was stumbling down the southern docks
when i met a man
with two hats wrapped 'round his feet and some sneakers on his hands
i asked if all his tools were in the shed
or if the good lord dropped a screw when he was strapping on his head

the man apologized for looking a clown
and said he was usually more distinguished when he wasn't upside down
then he did a hand-stand just like that was that
and with a slow nod of his foot the strange man cordially tipped his hat

i asked him what his name was and he said it's one plus one
which makes him older than the pyramids, the penguins, or the sun
said he'd been married to the moon since she was ten
and that she looked far prettier than she ever did back then

and then he asked me for a dance
so i held on to the worn cuffs of his pants
he asked if i'd been sad for a long while
i said if he was flipped the other way he'd see this was a smile

and with a laugh that shook the floorboards he stood up
and said his glass was once half full but he'd long since lost his cup
said he thinks he lost it on the steps of hell
or possibly it was heaven, he really couldn't tell

he swore that in the morning he'd be dead
with a seagull down his gullet or a harpoon through his head
and with a warm hug he declared i was his friend
but only since he knew that he would never see my face again

and so i said "goodbye" and he said "i know,
you done stole yourself a ticket before you knew there was a show
i'd feel honored, nay, privileged if i was you
but i'm not, i'm one plus one, but you can call me Two.

the night parade

Posted on 2009.04.02 at 20:35
are you bored with the day's cliché light?
that's abrasive as it is bright
all its songs are redundant, all of them trite
ours is a pagan parade for the night

not one of us hasn't been hurt
some of us lightly, others far worse
we're all humans alike, flawed and unsure
this is just a parade, not a cure

if you can't play the flute, find a drum
then bang it 'till your fingers go numb
we're all through being cool, we just want to have fun
we'll sing songs which have never been sung

keep singing 'till you're out of breath
songs of bittersweet love, pain, or death
and if you don't know the words just pretend like the rest
we're not strict but we're quickly impressed

we'll march in the snow or the rain
but don't think that we're merely insane
we just see our existence as an amusing game
march with us and you might feel the same

so please step in our midnight parade
and leave behind any traces of day
the band's hit the crescendo, there's no reason to wait
the full moon will show us the way...

frames per year

Posted on 2009.04.02 at 20:32
persistence of vision
the rabbit's boiling in the kitchen
the naked man is running
doing flips in black and white

of all marginal victories
this one cannot taste the worst
sipping on some pinot noir
as you slowly die of thirst

the train tracks stretch into infinity
he was a quiet man who kept on walking
escaping with every step
his children whose names he didn't know

in this happy ending
all villains are acquitted
all crimes absolved
before they are committed

their summer tumble through madrid
was just a chemical fabrication
like cigarette burns on celluloid

the cathode ray screams
all its secrets drenched in snow
that roar across the universe
things no one will ever know

urban photography

Posted on 2009.03.18 at 21:53
saw the wind
rippling through
a puddle on the ground
as a grey sky
reflected off it

saw a pigeon
pecking at a piece of plastic
but each time it tried
it still wasn't food

saw a middle aged woman
pressing the buzzer
at the front door
of an apartment
for five minutes
either they weren't home
or she wasn't welcome

saw a young man
at a bar
wearing metal-clad boots
and a baseball cap
with paint on his hands
tapping his foot nervously
as he drank
a glass
of wine

saw a middle aged man, an older woman, and an even older man
sipping their beers slowly
staring into a distance
before finally realizing
that i was among them

saw three boys
no older than six
walking with staggers
one flipped up his hood
like he meant it

saw a young girl
wearing a miniskirt
and make-up
knee-high boots
and a head-scarf

saw an old old man
shuffling exhaustively

saw a city tram
pull up
and all seven people aboard
saw me
i averted my eyes

saw the menu
and the chili


Posted on 2009.03.12 at 19:24
a duck
holding an oar
paddles a boat
as a hunter
holds a shotgun
to its head

a plant
with a branch
wrapped around
the handle
of a pitcher

a naked man
wearing a rolex
tears up
at the sight
of a hooker
handing him
a box
of chocolates

six breeds
of dogs
in chairs
a table

a crumb
on the tip
of the finger
of a child
reaching out
to feed
a cockroach

a blank stare
on a woman
gazing out
all day
as her mirror
looks away

a clown
as he sits
on a pile
of rubble
moments after
the end
of the rest
of the world

a classroom
full of students
aiming guns

an apache
off mushrooms
sitting in
a hotel room
the god

the actor

Posted on 2009.03.02 at 20:16
the actor stood upon the stage
the crowd descended into silence
they came here to see tragedy
they came here to see violence

he took a single sip of water
as he began to speak a word
but all his lines tasted like lies
they tasted trivial and absurd

and so he didn't say a thing
whispers were sprinkled through the air
that swelled until they became chatter
but the actor didn't care

he said,

"we only ever saw one side of the moon,
the other side had always been a mystery
until our satellites mapped it out
and showed us what we couldn't see."

the actor then took out a match
and set the stage curtain on fire
he was tired of the pantomime
he was bored with being a liar

and as a thick smoke filled the air
a panic struck the crowd
and as the stage around him burned
the actor took a bow

a death on park avenue

Posted on 2009.02.27 at 19:22
panic on the concrete
a deafening bang
ricochets between the buildings
cutting through the composure

a child's eyes grow wide
a ringed finger clasps a shield
a shadow darts through the mob
gunmetal dances on the ground

sirens already wailing
suits already running
blue and red already spinning
though they're not sure where they're looking

a solitary figure
lies perfectly still
its back stares at the heavens
it's already growing cold

the glass and concrete just looks on
because it cannot look away
its ears used to the city's din
but not today

the soft collision

Posted on 2009.02.26 at 15:18
i stroll through my reckless visions
like wading through a muddy river
i'm just waiting for a soft collision
in the meantime i shiver

she told me to crash
i told her i had
she told me forever
i'd assumed never

i'm dancing around my indecisions
like waiting for the world to end
like a paid vacation in prison
the cell's not locked but you like to pretend

she told me to whisper
so i kissed her
she told me death
so i held my breath

i'm breaking down the integers
disassembling the clock to see how it ticks
though i'm laughing through my second winter
i think i finally see the trick

she told me boom
so i asked whom
she said me
then we both drifted out to sea

on the night-stand

Posted on 2009.02.20 at 19:01
you saw with wrong eyes
a look that wasn't there
you saw a phantom with a smile
a canvas with a handsome face

you ran desperate fingers
over insincere skin
your touched begged for entrance
to a place which had none

and in the morning was sunlight
but no stranger's smile
just a clock on the night-stand
and a familiar silence

but there's no serving of sadness
next to the coffee and toast
there's no spoon of self-pity
no fault in loving a ghost

negative space

Posted on 2009.02.14 at 01:06
sleep tight
tell the nightmares they're welcome to stay
ask the darkness for a final kiss
because it will be missed
it will be missed

i'll meet you with my morning eyes
that wait upon the dusk like rain
blinding light of a brand new day
just go away
please just go away

i don't mean to bring you down
my feeling speak in shades of grey
in crowded loneliness we can have a bleed
but then i'll have to leave
then it's time to leave

it's okay if you do not call
when i see you again it'll be the same
we'll wear each other like familiar gloves
and there will be love
we can try for love...

...no space like the negative space.

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