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the night parade

Posted on 2009.04.02 at 20:35
are you bored with the day's cliché light?
that's abrasive as it is bright
all its songs are redundant, all of them trite
ours is a pagan parade for the night

not one of us hasn't been hurt
some of us lightly, others far worse
we're all humans alike, flawed and unsure
this is just a parade, not a cure

if you can't play the flute, find a drum
then bang it 'till your fingers go numb
we're all through being cool, we just want to have fun
we'll sing songs which have never been sung

keep singing 'till you're out of breath
songs of bittersweet love, pain, or death
and if you don't know the words just pretend like the rest
we're not strict but we're quickly impressed

we'll march in the snow or the rain
but don't think that we're merely insane
we just see our existence as an amusing game
march with us and you might feel the same

so please step in our midnight parade
and leave behind any traces of day
the band's hit the crescendo, there's no reason to wait
the full moon will show us the way...

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